Healthy Foods To Gain Weight Fast – (Skinny Guys Only)

healthy food steak and potatoes

Whenever I hear someone who says they want to gain weight, often times it’s followed by them saying, “I’m going to eat all the food I can get my hands on.. pizza, chips, ice cream, etc…”

Well, the TRUTH is that you should actually eat healthy foods to gain weight. That is, if you’d rather gain muscle than fat. (You don’t want to get fat do you?)

I had a tough time with this distinction when I was first getting started on my weight gain journey. I thought, “Gaining weight is gaining weight.” If the number on the scale is bigger than it was yesterday then I was making great progress. Well little did I know…

This was DEAD WRONG!

Let me as you a VERY important question: What will happen if you stuff your face with anything you want? You’ll get fat! The goal of gaining weight is to gain healthy weight in the form of lean muscle mass… NOT fat.

It’s important that you understand that distinction. We want to gain muscle, not fat!

Alright, so where to we begin? How can you eat healthy foods to gain weight?

First of all lets answer the question…

What are the best foods for weight gain?

Foods that make you gain weight (good weight) are calorie dense and provide quality nutrients. Most of the food that people eat every day actually contains empty calories that give your body no nutritional value!

Some of the best foods for gaining weight are:

Chicken, potatoes, brown rice, wheat pasta, wheat bread, oatmeal, fish, nuts and seeds, and fruit.

All these foods contain quality calories that will fuel your body and help to build muscle tissue. Without consuming quality food like this your chances of gaining healthy weight are basically zero.

So now you know some of the best foods to gain weight… So get to the grocery store and load up on all the good stuff. And check out the rest of my blog for other ways to gain weight.


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